For over 165 years, we have been building quality products that we believe in.

We strive to maintain  quality by improving our technologies in manufacturing, providing excellent customer service and constantly looking to solve the problems that are faced in high volume kitchens every day. Explore each feature below to find out how Blodgett excels.

Blodgett Oven takes pride in helping to make life in the kitchen a little bit easier. From fully programmable controls that can store up to 200 recipes to oven windows that pop out for easy cleaning, we strive to make things as easy as we can. Here are just a few of the ways that your work load can be reduced:

  • One-Touch deliming on selected Combi Ovens makes maintenance a breeze
  • Roll-in configurations available on many Convection and Combi oven models
  • Optional castors available for all ovens making changing kitchen line layouts easy.
  • Our premiere convection ovens have easily removable windows for easy cleaning
  • Automated CombiWash on several Combi Ovens will decrease your time spent cleaning
  • Programmable controls are available as an option on most types of ovens
  • Power Tilt is available as an option in larger braising pans and kettles

We are all trying to work smarter, getting the most that we can out of every penny. Frugal is the new black! We are looking for ways to reduce and save – that means helping you increase yields,  decrease utility expenses and save on labor. Look for these features found in most of our ovens that will help your bottom line:

  • EnergyStar rating on many models reduces utility costs and may be eligible for rebates from utility companies
  • Labor saving technologies include roll-in ovens, banqueting systems, rotating racks, programmable controls and automatic cleaning to name a few.
  • Purchase less food by increasing yields up to 15% using Blodgett’s HydroVection or Combi Oven line
  • Longer warranties on DFG, Mark V, CTB and XR8 model ovens as well as our Deck ovens
  • Automatic CombiWash on most Combi ovens consumes less water and detergent
  • Long life of ovens means they’ll remain in service for many years

Being efficient can mean conserving resources (such as utility costs) as well as reducing labor intensive tasks. Time is money. Reducing any time spent doing repetitive tasks will add to your bottom line. Here are some ways you can improve efficiencies:

  • Roll-in Ovens save labor by allowing entire oven to be loaded at once
  • Programable controls allow hundreds of recipes to be entered and stored in ovens with SmartTouch or Programmable controls
  • Many of our ovens and steamers are energy efficient enough to earn EnergyStar ratings
  • Blodgett Combi Banqueting System allows up to 96 plates to be cooked, chilled and re-thermed at one time
  • Our HydroVection and Combi ovens are designed to reduce water use when cooking and cleaning
  • All Blodgett products are built to reduce the time required to service

At Blodgett, we strive to produce products that help you create the food you have always wanted to serve. Whichever Blodgett you select, you are guaranteed an oven that will improve food quality and increase yield. 

  • Multi-speed auto reversing fan and cavity vent. These features work together to give you an even consistent bake.
  • Our low temperature roast and hold controls will get the job done with less than 10% weight loss. The core probe is detachable for proper positioning and easy cleaning. Plus if you lose your probe, the oven still works and a replacement probe can be at your door the next day
  • The Hydrovection features multiple levels of moisture injection capable of producing a wide array of product from tender, juicy proteins to crusty, artisan style breads. Cooking with humidity helps to retain the flavor, freshness, nutrients and texture that makes food appealing.
  • Blodgett kettles use the benefits of the rapid heat transfer of steam to quickly bring food to temperature without scorching
  • The floor of our braising pans are specifically designed to distribute heat uniformly across the entire surface, eliminating hot or cold areas found in competitive models

We believe in offering our customers real and lasting value by building products with exceptional materials and craftsmanship. That’s why Blodgett ovens are known to provide decades of trouble-free operation.

  • Fully Welded Angle Iron Frame for strength and durability. Blodgett ovens maintain their structural integrity even after decades of rigorous use. You can’t do this with our competitors ovens!
  • Double-Sided Porcelainized baking compartment liner prevents rust and prolongs the life of your oven
  • Heavy duty doors are triple mounted directly into the frame making them the strongest in the industry
  • Rigid Frame Insulation stays in place to eliminate hot or cold spots
  • Our Hydrovection and Combi ovens feature NPT brass fittings for long term durability and a leak proof joint