Blodgett cheesemelters are ideal for broiling delicate product such as fish and seafood,  heating sauces, or finishing dishes. Choose from wall or range mounted models to meet the demands of your unique kitchen design.


  • High power infrared burners
  • 2” thick insulated bottom shelf
  • One stainless steel pilot tip per burner

models available

  • BR-CM36-RM – 36” Range Mount Cheesemelter with high riser and mounting hardware
  • BR-CM24-WM – 24” Wall Mounted Cheesemelter
  • BR-CM36-WM – 36” Wall Mounted Cheesemelter
  • BR-CM48-WM – 48” Wall Mounted Cheesemelter
  • BR-CM60-WM – 60” Wall Mounted Cheesemelter
  • BR-CM72-WM – 72” Wall Mounted Cheesemelter
The Cafe Series Cheesemelters works in a wide range of applications. Click to learn more about Blodgett Heavy Duty Range products in your profession.