standard charbroiler features

  • Infinite control manual gas valves at each burner for precise heat control
  • Heavy duty cast iron top grates with built in grease guides that channel away excess fat and reduce flaring
  • One 15,000 BTU/hr burner every 6” broiler
  • Heavy duty cast iron burner radiants
  • 12 gauge all welded firebox construction
  • Two separate 14 gauge steel drip pans to control flare ups

available models

  • BR-36B-36C – 36” wide charbroiler on a convection oven
  • BR-48B-36C – 48″ wide charbroiler on a 36″ wide convection oven with 12″ cabinet
  • BR-36B-36 – 36” wide charbroiler on a standard oven
  • BR-48B-36 – 48″ wide charbroiler on a 36″ wide standard oven with 12″ cabinet
The Cafe Series BR-36 & BR-36C works in a wide range of applications. Click to learn more about Blodgett Heavy Duty Range products in your profession.