These models feature a powerful atmospheric steam generator capable of producing plenty of steam for continuous operation.


  • SIMPLE CONTROLS – a button selects continuous steaming, timed steaming or holding operations
  • LARGE DRAIN PORT – to better resist lime and scale build-up
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – two probe warning system for deliming and auto-clean deliming from a touch pad
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty


  • (2)3E-SN – less than 200-400 meals per hour
  • (2)5E-SN – less than 400-800 meals per hour


  • (2)3E-SN – two 3 pan electric table top steamers on a stand
  • (2)5E-SN – two 5 pan electric table top steamers on a stand
The (2)3E-SN & (2)5E-SN works in a wide range of applications. Click to learn more about Blodgett Steamers products in your profession.