What is Helix Technology™?

Helix Technology was discovered when trying to solve the engineering riddle of quick evacuation of moisture from inside the oven cavity. A patent was filed in the fall of 2014 with USPTO and the technology was introduced at The NAFEM Show 2015 as a new model in the HydroVection line. The test results of the HydroVection with Helix Technology has our Blodgett Chefs bowled over – better tasting (and looking) products are cooked in less time with better yields.


Components of Helix Technology?

This image clearly illustrates the difference between muffins baked in a HydroVection with Helix (on the right) vs. a standard HydroVection.

Our tests show noticeable differences in product results when comparing finished products between Helix HV ovens vs. general market HydroVections.

It’s not just looks that are improved. The ability to completely alleviate the latent moisture from the oven cavity has a dramatic effect on how things taste. For example, after tasting, Chef Sarah asked testers to guess which products came from which oven and testers were able to determine which oven produced which results. Comments included “meats are meatier”, and “bread is incredibly moist with a fantastic crust”.

So what else happens when “lazy” moisture is removed from the oven cavity? The moisture latent air doesn’t “hog” any of the oven energy and all the energy (heat) goes into the food. So things like bacon and pork chops are cooked in almost 50% less time.

Bread baked in Helix is on the left.
Bread baked in Helix is on the left.


Our testing also found that some items, especially foods going from frozen to finish, had improved yields. We weren’t expecting this but repeated testing of a full load of frozen french fries resulted in yields improved more than 40%. Improvements in food yields varied widely based on the product and though we saw improvements across the board, meats and frozen foods were the most dramatic.

The HydroVection is a unique oven that bridges the gap between  standard convection ovens and European combination ovens. HydroVection with Helix Technology may just be the best performing oven made in the USA.