Turn key solution available for Blodgett Combi and HydroVection ovens provided by your local Authorized Service Provider.

The Blodgett Platinum Professional Installation Program is designed to offer our customers a worry free installation and start up experience when purchasing any of our Combi* or HydroVection ovens. It includes: Staging, Site survey, Delivery, Installation, Connection of Utilities and Start up.
Installation is provided by Blodgett Authorized Platinum Pro Providers and is available for HydroVection and Combi ovens at time of purchase.
* Mini Combi and Hoodini models not included

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Program Guidelines

Equipment is shipped to ASA (service agency) for storage until site is ready. Storage of oven is limited to 3 weeks.

Site Survey
The ASA will perform a site survey to assure all requirements for a trouble free installation have been met. If there are any anomalies, the ASA will document and present them to the customer. The customer is responsible for resolving any non-compliance at the site prior to equipment delivery. Additional charges may be applicable for non-compliance.

Service agency delivers equipment to site as scheduled and will un-crate, stack (if necessary), assemble stands, set oven in place.
Removal and disposal of shipping materials from site. Removal of existing equipment is not included.

ASA completes final assembly of oven. Installation of a water treatment system is NOT included with this program.

Connection of Utilities
Gas – will connect gas hose from oven to appropriate gas line connection.
Power – will hook up oven to approved disconnect device.
Water – will connect water hose to appropriate water feed connection point.

Start up
The ASA will perform a Factory Start Up according to Blodgett recommendations procedures. The ASA completes and submits the startup form to the factory. The ASA will then notify the Mfg. Rep that the installation is complete. The Mfg. Rep contacts the customer to set up a demo on the equipment.

Customer Responsibilities