Economy Series -copy

Blodgett durability in an economy oven!

Built with the reliable construction you expect from Blodgett, our economy ovens are perfect starter ovens for small scale operations.

The economy ovens includes all of the signature features that make Blodgett convection ovens  reliable for years of rigorous use in the kitchen.

  • Fully Welded Angle Iron Frame for strength and durability. Blodgett Convection Ovens maintain their structure integrity even after decates of rigorous use. You can’t do this with our competitors ovens!
  • Rigid Frame Insulation stays in place to eliminate hot or cold spots.
  • Dependent Doors with the Blodgett turnbuckle support make it easy to operate the doors simultaneously with one hand.
  • Double-Sided Porcelainized baking compartment liner prevents rust and prolongs the life of your oven.
  • Heavy Duty Doors are triple mounted directly into the frame
  • Angle Iron Frame
    Angle Iron Frame
  • Rigid Insulaton
    Rigid Insulation
  • Dependent Doors
    Dependent Doors
  • Porcelain Liner
    Porcelain Liner
  • Heavy Duty Doors
    Heavy Duty Doors

SIMPLICITY PERFECTED – Blodgett economy ovens feature the SSM, a manual control that is great for general baking and roasting.

  • 60 minute electro-mechanical timer
  • Separate manual dials to control thermostat and timer
  • Fan speed selection switch for airflow control


  • BDO-100-G-ES – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Gas Convection Oven
  • SHO-100-G – Full Size, Standard Depth Gas Convection Oven


  • SHO-100-E – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Electric Oven