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Hoodini is the ultimate in ventless hood technology. It combines a catalytic system (which removes smoke and grease laden air) with a condenser (which removes steam exhaust).

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Magic revealed
Magic revealed

What we have cooked using Hoodini

Testing, conducted in accordance with EPA Test Method 202, was performed June 24-25, 2015 by UL, LLC using raw protein. Results are used to determine compliance with Section 59 of UL710B, the Standard for Recirculating Systems, formerly Section 14 of UL 197, Eighth Edition, Supplement SB, and paragraph of NFPA96, the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

Two tests were performed: Chicken (bone-in, skin-on) and Bacon.

Chicken cooking cycle: Quartered roasting chickens (approx 3 lb), two chickens per pan. 5 pans per load. Cooked at 335°F for 35 minutes.
Number of loads during 8-hour continuous test = 15 loads.

Bacon cooking cycle: Thick cut bacon, 10 slices per pan (approx. 0.9 lb) 5 pans per load. Cooked at 335°F for 18 minutes.
Number of loads during 8-hour continuous test = 23 loads.

Hoodini EPA Test Method 202 results
Hoodini EPA Test Method 202 results
Hoodini EPA Test Method 202 results (BLCT-10E-H

Ventless Certification is unique for each operation and is determined by the local jurisdiction/s having authority (such as health or building safety). To facilitate the documentation process, we have collected the information that might be requested by the state or local inspector. In addition to these documents, be prepared to provide menus to be prepared in the oven and a HVAC analysis that demonstrates adequate cooling.

Link to download package: BLCT-6E-H Ventless Submittal

Link to download package: BLCT-10E-H Ventless Submittal