Kettle Accessories

Customize Your Kettle!
Any kettle can be made more efficient, more versatile and easier to use, with the addition of one or more handy accessories or optional features.

kettle coverKettle covers reduce heat-up times, save energy, reduce the load on ventilation and HVAC systems and make the kitchen more comfortable for cooks and staff. Covers also control moisture content and reduction during cooking. Covers are standard on stationary floor models.

kettle faucetFaucets speed recipe time, eliminate carrying buckets of water and simplify kettle clean-up. Available in single parts (hot or cold) or double pantry (hot and cold) styles. Fill faucets are a practical addition to any kettle. Also available with spray hose and flex line.


  • PAN CARRIER – attaches easily to the front of the kettle and holds a standard steamer pan at the pouring lip for easy filling. The steamer pan stays level regardless of the kettle pouring angle, and is easily removed for cleaning or storage.
  • BASKET INSERTS – make it easier to load, cook and unload product like boiling vegetables, shellfish and pasta. Available in single or triple baskets
  • ETCHED MARKINGS & MEASURING STRIPS – quickly and easily measure the amount of water or product in your kettle with either etched gallon marks or a removable hanging stainless steel measuring strip.
  • KETTLE BRUSH – designed to make kettle cleaning easier, the brushes in this set are non-abrasive alternatives to scrub pads and cloth.


  • DRAW OFF VALVES – make transfer of thick and chunky product, draining off cooking water and kettle cleaning easier. They are standard on stationary floor models and are available for all tilting floor model kettles to provide additional product transfer options
  • LIP STRAINERS – available for the pouring lip of tilting kettles to strain liquid past ingredients like pasta. They are easily removed for cleaning.