put our technology to work for you

At Blodgett, we strive to produce products to help you create the food you have always wanted to serve AND increase your profits.

  • Hoodini™ by Blodgett, the ultimate in ventless hood technology combines a catalytic system with a condenser to remove steam, smoke and fumes. Saving you precious space under the hood!
  • Helix™ Technology, improves the Hydrovection’s unique design with a patented process optimizing the efficiencies within the oven cavity resulting in faster cook times, greater yields and improved product quality.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified models reduce utility costs and may be eligible for rebates from utility companies.
  • Purchase less food by increasing yields up to 15% using Blodgett's HydroVection or Combi ovens.

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“Before I bought my Blodgett equipment, I thought that a great cook could create wonderful food on a hotplate.  Though I still believe that this is true, I now realize that great equipment helps elevate ones ability to create amazing food.  From the greenest of vegetables to the most tender of roasts, my new Blodgett equipment has made an astounding difference in my cuisine.  My cooks are more efficient, and my customers are raving.  I will never work with inferior tools again.”

James Laird Restaurant Serenade

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