Foodservice operators all face unique challenges. Whether it’s improving equipment efficiency, reducing utility costs, or tackling labor obstacles, it all leads back to one common goal, acheiving and maintaining a profitable foodservice operation.

Ventless cooking might just be the solution. Here’s why:

The Benefits of Ventless Cooking


There’s no other way around it, commercial kitchen energy usage is high, and ventilation hood systems use immense amounts of energy, driving up an operation’s utility bill. A good way to use less energy and to help get your foodservice operation in line with carbon neutrality is to invest in ventless cooking equipment.


Kitchens don’t have unlimited space, and large equipment like refrigeration and ventilation hoods take up valuable room. For existing operations, that means adding new equipment requiring ventilation limits where the equipment can operate. By going ventless, however, operators have the ability to maneuver their cooking equipment where they see fit, including front-of-house. And without the need for a commercial hood, new operators looking for real estate have many more cost-effective options of where to run their foodservice operation.


With ventless cooking equipment, not only will operators save on energy consumption, they’ll save thousands on costs tied to ventilation hood systems. An installation of a hood system can run on average $964-$1174 per linear foot, while hood system maintenance can set an operator back an average of $103/hour every three months!


When it comes to ventless cooking, flexibility is the name of the game. Ventless cooking is ideal for just about any type of foodservice operation, from casual and fast food restaurants, school and healthcare cafeterias, and retail and grocery operations, to more non-traditional spaces like stadiums and correctional facilities who lack the space requirements or funds needed for ventilation hoods.

Take convection cooking anywhere with Blodgett Ventless Convection Ovens

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Blodgett is excited to unveil the new ventless Hoodini Ventilation System for Blodgett convection ovens. 

To learn more about the filter and hood components, how the system works, and the ovens that ventless cooking is available for, visit our Ventless Convection Oven product page.

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