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    Have you been in a grocery store lately? You've certainly noticed that retail grocers aren't just places to buy ingredients anymore. Now, they're destinations -- places where shoppers can stroll the aisles for cereal and salsa, sure, but now they're places where guests can have dinner, buy a full range of prepared foods, and even have a beer or a glass of wine. These changes require a new set of equipment solutions.

    Grocery stores are high-volume operations.

    Because of the sheer variety of products and experiences a modern grocery store can provide, they tend to attract a large number of customers. On the prepared foods side of the business, this means operational success depends on the ability to provide high quality in high volumes.

    Ovens are critical to creating consistent, high-volume quantities of food, whether it be loaves of bread or chicken breasts. Blodgett ovens are ideal for these types of applications, as they're designed for efficiency and quality that retail customers demand.

    The biggest challenge in foodservice today is labor, and that certainly includes groceries and retail stores.

    More and more, it seems like the checkout lines are getting longer and longer. Why? In large part because there just aren't enough people to keep all the lanes open. And the same can be said for the staff who work in prepared foods.

    With it being harder and harder to find and retain employees in the foodservice industry, having ovens that are easy to use can be a huge asset when bringing team members up-to-speed. Foodservice equipment in general and ovens specifically can have a huge impact on how quickly a team member can contribute. With units that are easy in terms of training and operation, grocers can make it easier for new staff to have a positive impact on delivery in a shorter amount of time.

    Grocery stores are at the front lines of today's foodservice trends, and the front lines can be quite profitable.


    When consumers read or hear about foodservice trends, one of the first places they look to experience those trends is the grocery store. In the prepared foods section of the store, this means daily menu preparations can change over the course of time, from seasonal selections to yearly trends.

    Having ovens that provide versatility means more menu items are accessible to operators. Having an oven that can execute changes is a worthwhile investment because they can help attract a wider range of customers with more diverse items. With Blodgett ovens, ventless cooking is also a possibility, meaning the actual space itself can be diversified.


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