Blodgett and Texas Roadhouse

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Texas Roadhouse is a community staple. Every single day, guests are thrilled with their dining experience that also mixes in fun with periodic staff line-dance breaks, and those delicious sweet fresh-out-of-the-oven buns that the entire table clamors over. It’s a whooping-loud, fast-paced environment in the dining room, as well as the back of the house kitchen.

Reliability is a given

Guests expect reliably great food when they enter a restaurant like Texas Roadhouse, and if you’re looking for the oven that will consistently produce quality dishes, Blodgett ovens are what this chain turns to across the country. The consistency, ease-of-use, and reliability of these solutions allows Texas Roadhouse staff to focus on guests instead of focusing on cumbersome processes.

Back to those baked rolls that everyone loves. Take a moment to think about a Blodgett oven that can be used to slow-cook ribs in the morning, followed by baking croutons, and then finally by baking bread and burger buns. At lunch on weekends, chickens are hot-roasting, and as the evening rolls around, the baked potato rotation begins. Accurate, versatile machines allow staff to produce food on a timed schedule, which allows them to better plan for volume.

Seventy percent of Texas Roadhouse’s food comes from the grill area, making it very important that equipment used in these station areas maintain temperatures. With MagiKitch’n flat tops, temperatures are held for the perfect sear every time. Whether it’s steak or chicken, juices and spices are trapped in the meat, giving Texas Roadhouse’s famous menu items their characteristic flavors. Flat tops are arranged right next to grills, where proteins get their trademark “diamonds” that people look for on their plates.

Moving on to the fryers, Pitco Frialators solve many Texas Roadhouse challenges because they’re easy to operate. In an era of staffing shortages, this is a huge advantage for any piece of foodservice equipment in the kitchen. And with Pitco, temperatures never vary, so Texas Roadhouse is able to produce high volumes of signature dishes like Cactus Blossoms, Chicken Critters, and French fries. These are easily some of the busiest stations in the kitchen, and even after more than a decade of use, their Pitco Frialators are still delivering day-in, day-out.

Blodgett + Texas Roadhouse in the community

othing says “American food” like a Texas Roadhouse steak, and a Blodgett in their kitchen. Blodgett has also made waves throughout American history. Blodgett ovens date back to 1848, when Gardner S. Blodgett built his first ever oven for a local tavern owner in Vermont. Even today, Blodgett is still owned and operated out of Vermont.

Across America, Texas Roadhouse is a recognized name in the restaurant world. Their giving nature is also noted, and they have made a reputation for themselves within their individual communities by hosting many school and sports fundraisers, and donating a portion of the proceeds back to local partnering schools. That’s why Blodgett and Texas Roadhouse make the perfect partnership, and have had a strong relationship over the years. The “down home” American way, mixed with quality and reliability, is what restaurant go-ers, and owners, know about both of those brands.

Reach out to us at Blodgett for your convection and hydrovection ovens. We’ll help you choose from a line of products made to suit your operational needs, as well as assist you in preparing your kitchen to meet the needs of your future guests, and the goals for your kitchen staff, and business.

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