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The Blodgett Deck Oven line has set industry wide standards for excellence in baking
characteristics, performance and reliability. Simplicity of design and quality construction
throughout assure years of trouble-free operation. Blodgett provides the strongest warranty
in the business with a standard five-year door warranty!

  • Battleship construction, fully welded angle iron frame for durability, providing you with years of cost effective operation
  • Add-a-section design allows you to start with one oven and add sections as your business
  • No electricity required for gas ovens, reducing operating costs
  • Counterbalanced doors provide ease of operation without operator fatigue and injuries
  • Natural convection gentle airflow for delicate bake
  • Large cooking area accommodates items such as large bread loafs and roasts
  • Minimal repair cost with simple, reliable controls

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Whether you are baking cookies or making pizza, Blodgett offers deck ovens to meet your individual needs.

With a variety of cavity sizes to choose from, Blodgett 900 Series deck ovens are the perfect choice for any commercial kitchen.

Basic Four Models

Creating Endless Possibilities with the Basic Four! The large 900 Series  gas deck ovens come in four basic sections. Each section has the same 60" x 40" footprint and can be stacked in any combination. The possibilities are endless. Separate heat controls for each section permit baking and roasting at different temperatures, simultaneously, in one oven! Blodgett's Basic Four design gives you the ultimate in versatility, efficiency, and economy.

951 - one 12" high baking compartment
961 - one 7" high baking compartment
966 - one 16-1/4" high baking compartment
981 - two 7" high baking compartments

Combination Models

981/951 - two 7" high and one 12" high baking compartments
981/961 - three 7" high baking compartments
951/966 - one 12" high and one 16-1/4" high baking compartment
981/966 - two 7" high and one 16-1/4" high baking compartment
961/966 - one 7" high and one 16-1/4" high baking compartment
961/961/951 - one 7" high and two 12" high baking compartments
961/951 - one 7" high and one 12" high baking compartment

Compact Models

The compact 900 Series deck ovens are built with the same quality construction as their larger siblings with a space saving 51" x 30" footprint.

911 - one 7" high baking compartment
901 - one 12" high baking compartment

1048 & 1060 Pizza Ovens

For a heavy-duty, high volume, fast recovery pizza oven, look no further than the Blodgett 1048 and 1060 ovens featuring bottom air intake. We have designed a system to transfer just the right amount of heat to the top ensuring a perfectly cooked pizza time after time. These ovens can be stacked to optimize your production capacity. Our 10” tall door is just the right height, combining functionality and energy savings all in the same foot print.

1048 gas oven with 48" wide deck
1060 gas oven with 60" wide deck

900 Series Pizza Ovens

The 911P and 961P are designed to meet the demand for equipment with low BTU input requirements without sacrificing results. With the 911P and 961P, equipment can be installed even when gas supply is limited.

961P gas oven with 42" wide deck
911P gas oven with 33" wide deck

Perfect for kiosk and convenience store applications!

1415 electric countertop oven


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The capacities listed below are for single oven sections.