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Aaron Bludorn

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It’s not every day you
get a chance to taste
a little piece of heaven
right here on earth.

That is unless you live in Houston, Texas, where Executive Chef Aaron Bludorn creates divine experiences for anyone lucky enough to snag a seat at his restaurant.

Aaron is an award-winning, classically-trained chef who studied at the Culinary Institute of America and worked under some of the world’s most celebrated chefs before opening Bludorn last summer.

His beloved style landed him a top spot on Netflix’s blockbuster hit The Final Table culinary competition show, while earning New York City’s Rising Star Community Chef Award the same year.

Despite the public spotlight and media attention, Aaron remains modest and genuine, which is reflective in his restaurant’s diverse menu, including lobster potpie, bacon wrapped quail, and New Zealand king salmon with artichokes and spring vegetables.

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“I like to give guests the ability to enjoy the restaurant however they might like – whether they want to have a beer and oysters at the bar or a long drawn out course meal,” Aaron said.

Bludorn strikes a delicious balance between casual and upscale. But what’s especially notable is the way Aaron is able to accent every dish with a hint of his well-rounded and instantly likeable personality.

“We are an upscale restaurant that caters to guests’ desires. We offer something for everyone. You can have many different experiences at one place – fine dining or dressed down. I want to be the restaurant that never gets the no vote. I want our guests to have fun and indulge their every wish,” Aaron said.

Opening a new restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, while also becoming a new dad, is a good sign that Aaron is willing to take big risks. Although he loves the excitement of running his own kitchen, Aaron never gambles on his back-of-house equipment.

“The fact that Blodgett ovens are built to last gives me the ability to run a high-volume restaurant without having to worry about whether my oven is going to break down in the middle of service,” Aaron said.

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That means a lot, considering Aaron’s reputation and name are on the line. He’d much rather focus on guest experience and sourcing seasonal ingredients than dealing with the hassles of poorly built equipment.

That sense of trust runs deep, especially considering Aaron enjoys a true partnership with Blodgett that’s invaluable to his operation.

“I’ve been cooking with Blodgett for a long time. The team, the people – it’s not just about what Blodgett does, it’s about how much care they put into it. From A-Z there’s a huge human touch to doing business with Blodgett,” Aaron said. “Built in Vermont, pride in what they do – that’s the kind of company I want to be involved with. With Blodgett, you feel like family.”

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Catering to a wide variety of guest preferences can be challenging, but being a fantastic chef, like Aaron, often means embracing the chaos and thriving under pressure.

“I love the fact that I have no idea of what is going to happen when I walk in the door. It’s the unknown and sense of mystery. Some days I’m a plumber. Other days I’m a psychologist. It’s always super exciting. One day is never the same as the day before,” Aaron said.

Culinary god. That’s what Aaron Bludorn is to the chef community. As executive chef and owner of Bludorn restaurant, Aaron Bludorn is THE G.O.A.T., and he only trusts one oven. Blodgett, the Greatest Oven of All Time.

See his restaurant and his menu in all their glory at: https://www.bludornrestaurant.com/


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