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Bindu Iluri with cupcake

Remember when a
cupcake could make
you bubble over with
excitement and grin
from ear to ear?

Childhood nostalgia is just a bite – and a few frosting licks – away, thanks to Molly’s Cupcakes in Chicago’s River East neighborhood.

Molly’s Cupcakes, named after the founder’s beloved third grade teacher, has an elementary school thematic that’s accented with pops of bold color and boasts some of the most decedent cupcakes on earth.

Juxtapose to the store’s youthful vibe is unit owner Bindu Illuri, a savvy businesswomen with an entrepreneur’s spirit and a passion for bringing smiles to her customers’ faces. Bindu embodies the playful nature and artisan culture of Molly’s Cupcakes. Simply put, she makes high-quality, upscale desserts look like child’s play.

“The brand as a whole is aligned around nostalgia. It brings you back to that time when you were a kid, when someone brought cupcakes to school or a party, giving you a purely joyful feeling,” Bindu said.

Molly’s Cupcakes masterfully delivers an unforgettable dessert experience that’s equal parts whimsical and indulgent. Just hop on one of the play yard swings that serves as the store’s seating and drift back to your grade school days, while enjoying a long list of favorite flavors.

“Our most popular cupcake is cake batter, with its vibrant blue color and rainbow sprinkles. It looks like the cupcake you had as a kid,” Bindu said.

It’s true, Molly’s Cupcakes makes you feel like you’ve taken a trip to the fountain of youth – even if for just one delicious moment in time. But don’t let the adolescent design fool you. Molly’s Cupcakes is serious about quality and delivering a product that’s second to none.

That level of excellence has led Molly’s Cupcakes to receive such honors as the Winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars Season Finale and USA Today’s 10 Best Cupcake Bakeries in the Country.

Beyond the fun atmosphere and amazing recipes, Bindu credits Blodgett ovens as a critical part of Molly’s Cupcakes’ success.

“Blodgett is the best on the market. You really can’t find any other ovens that beat the way Blodgett ovens bake our products,” Bindu said. “Ease of use, the steam and rotating fan components all combine to make the perfect oven.”

“Blodgett makes the cupcakes turn out beautifully. And the fact that you can program in your recipes and customize to your exact specifications is great. All our bakers have to do is push a button,” Bindu said.

But finding the right oven was a bit of trial and error. Molly’s Cupcakes first started using a different brand of ovens from Italy. The results were less than desirable.

“It was a horrible disaster – nothing worked. We shopped around for new functional ovens. It was a challenge because traditionally you have to rotate cupcakes mid-bake,” Bindu said. “With Blodgett you don’t have to rotate the pans, and the ovens also inject steam that gives our cupcakes the super moist texture people love.”

Blodgett ovens were an ideal match to Molly’s Cupcakes, and now the company uses four Blodgett stack ovens per location. That’s 24 ovens total and growing, according to Bindu.

Mollys Cupcakes
Photo Credit: Molly’s Cupcakes

Quality coupled with support is what makes Blodgett the partner of choice for Molly’s Cupcakes, Bindu said.

“The support we get from Blodgett is amazing! Blodgett’s head of pastry came to our operation for days to help program our ovens to our exact specifications,” Bindu said. “Blodgett’s service is so individualized. It really sets them apart. Middleby as a whole has been amazing with helping us grow.”

Blodget testimonail by Bindu Iluri

With the peace of mind that Blodgett ovens provide, Bindu can focus on what she loves best: custom orders for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries and birthdays.

“I love making sure my customers get exactly what they had envisioned for their event and being part of their celebration throughout their family’s lifespan,” Bindu said. “I enjoy making people’s day and giving them what they desire. They are so thankful and appreciative, and I love that I can make that happen for them.”

Remarkable. That’s what Bindu Illuri and Molly’s Cupcakes are to the cupcake world. As owner of Molly’s Cupcakes River East, Bindu Illuri is THE G.O.A.T., and she only trusts one oven. Blodgett, the Greatest Oven of All Time.

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