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Marc Malnati

Meet Marc Malnati, a second generation pizza chain owner, and today’s mastermind behind Lou Malnati’s Pizza in the Chicagoland area.

Best known for its classic cheese and sausage deep dish pizza, Lou Malnati’s personifies the alluring mystique of Chicago’s vibrant food scene. 

After all, this is no dough schmoe pizza joint. For more than 40 years, Marc has lead the family business in becoming one of the most iconic brands in Chicago’s crowded pizza market. 

“We bring an affordable luxury into people’s homes,” Marc said. “Our culture is what makes us different. We’re a family crew, working together, with a work ethic that’s beyond imagination.” 

Much of Lou Malnati’s success is credited to Marc and his family’s passion for insisting on scratch-made quality and only the best equipment. 

Every aspect of the pizza is carefully hand-selected by Marc and his team, from California vine-ripened tomatoes, to fresh mozzarella from a small dairy in Wisconsin. Their famous sausage is crafted from a signature blend and their dough is made fresh daily on location.

A pizza company that puts this much time, attention and energy into their ingredients leaves nothing up to chance. Even their ovens are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. 

Blodgett double deck ovens are central to Lou Malnati’s success—more than 650 ovens, as a matter of fact. That’s because the oven is where the real magic happens—where Marc’s vision of greatness comes alive.

“Golden brown crust, fully cooked, bubbly cheese—Blodgett ovens cook our pizzas perfectly time and time again,” Marc says.

Consistency is important to Marc’s operation, and so is the delicate balance between speed and quality.

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Photo Credit: Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

“We use Blodgett ovens because they give us the most consistent bake. We need our pizzas to cook fast enough to please the customer, but slow enough for the dough to rise. Blodgett ovens give us the best results and they don’t dry out our product,” Marc says.

Thanks to Blodgett oven’s ability to easily turn from natural gas to propane, Lou Malnati’s has enjoyed a long history of entertaining guests beyond its walls, and cranking out pizzas at popular events, like the Lollapalooza concerts in Chicago.

“When I think about Blodgett, I think about rolling our ovens out to Grant Park in 90-degree weather, where we’d make pizzas for six hours straight without taking breaks or sitting down. We’d get tomato on our face and never wipe it off. We’d just keep going because the demand was so high. And our ovens worked hard right along with us, staying hot, recovering quickly and cooking our pizzas just right,” Marc said.

Blodgett ovens are such an integral part of the Lou Malnati’s business, Marc has a steel Blodgett logo from an oven mounted on the wall behind his desk.

“We take our ovens everywhere and they perform under the toughest conditions,” Marc said.

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Legendary. That’s what Malnati’s is to Chicagoans. As a pizza operator that’s proudly watched his family business grow, Marc Malnati is THE G.O.A.T., and he only trusts one oven. Blodgett, the Greatest Oven of All Time.

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