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Nathan Christensen with cookies

Americans are hooked
on Crumbl Cookies.

Maybe it’s the hypnotic swirl of fluffy, creamy frosting that crowns these decadent treats. Or maybe it’s the enticing TikTok videos that have bolstered 2.4M followers and counting.

Either way, cookie connoisseurs and hungry entrepreneurs alike have become true believers in the Crumbl Cookies’ brand. That love has resulted in an astonishing 93% increase of sales in 2020 alone, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

“We’re in the business of making life better for everyone. And we think we can do that by serving the world’s best cookies,” said Nathan Christensen, Senior Director of Buildout for Crumbl Franchising.

Part of Crumbl’s allure is the open kitchen concept that allows customers to experience the magic that goes into making these incredible cookies.

“All of our cookies are handmade in each location. We use raw ingredients, and everything is made fresh in front of our customers. It’s right there for everyone to see and enjoy,” Nathan added.

Crumbl cookies
Photo Credit: Crumbl Franchising

An open kitchen concept with heavy foot traffic requires the best equipment, with a sweet spot of both aesthetics and performance. Hands down, Blodgett is the number one choice of oven for Crumbl Cookies.

“Blodgett ovens are simply beautiful. Crumbl storefronts are designed in a way where you can see everything happening. It’s all about the customer’s experience. From the store aesthetics to the wonderful smells and incredible tastes, the entire experience is really fun,” Nathan said.

Crumbl uses Blodgett’s XR8-E mini rotating rack oven, which is powerful enough to keep up with the growing franchise’s incredible demand. With Blodgett ovens, each store can crank out between 50 and 60 dozen cookies an hour.

“The rotating rack is instrumental to our operation and the amount of volume we experience,” Nathan said. “We don’t have to use an oven hood for what we bake in many of our locations, which is a huge benefit, too. This oven also requires less handling of hot pans, which adds safety to our operation with less risk of burns.”

“With Blodgett, our cookies bake efficiently, consistently and evenly. We work hard to establish controls so that every store is identical,” Nathan said.

Crumbl is famous for developing incredible flavors, with an ever-evolving cookie menu. Each week stores roll out four different specialty cookies paired with Crumbl’s signature chocolate chip and sugar cookies. For a franchise that thrives on a consistent experience from store to store, getting every cookie just right can be difficult.

Beyond the equipment itself, another perk to being a Blodgett customer is the people.

Crumbl Cookie store
Photo Credit: Crumbl Franchising

“Blodgett’s customer service is great. They work hard to get us the ovens we need for our new locations as quickly as possible. The warranty is also good and if there are issues, they send out a tech and get it fixed for us right away. They just do a really, really good job.”.

Having strong partnerships, like the one Crumbl shares with Blodgett, is so important to owner operators, especially with a growing customer base that has high expectations for a consistently fantastic experience.

Blodgett testimonial quote by Nathan Chistensen

“We have very loyal customers, and we love them! Recently our social media presence has exploded. We have an incredibly strong following and some of the most passionate customers of anyone,” Nathan said.

Mesmerizing. That’s what Crumbl Cookies is to the dessert world. As the Senior Director of Buildout for Crumbl Franchising, Nathan Christensen is THE G.O.A.T., and he only trusts one oven. Blodgett, the Greatest Oven of All Time.

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Now here’s a sight for hungry eyes. Our Blodgett XR8 Mini Rotating Rack Oven gives you picture perfect results every bake—say for your social media. Its continuously rotating eight pan rack and unique air flow system moves air at a low velocity for remarkably dependable consistency. That’s the cookie cutter result you’re looking for.

Blodgett XR8 with manual control




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