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Dylon Neumann

Owner, The Pizza Machine, Deck Oven

Dylon doesn’t just serve pizzas. He serves people. From Cookeville, Tennessee, Dylon’s business model is straightforward: you order a pizza, and you decide what you pay. If you can’t afford anything, you eat for free. Last March, Cookeville was struck by tornadoes, leaving many people without food or housing. Dylon gave pizzas away for weeks and helped to feed visiting relief workers.

Ryan Hall image

Ryan Hall

Owner, Nelly’s Italian Café, Deck Oven

Hailing from Spring Hill, Tennessee, Ryan Hall is a dedicated believer in Blodgett. He’s worked exclusively with the ovens for nearly two decades. It’s here that he mastered his cooking talents. And he has a tattoo of Blodgett on his arm. Need we say more?

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Owners, Pan’s Pizza, Deck Oven

For Alex & Sani, pizza is a family business. Pan & Anne Zolotas opened the restaurant in South Hero, Vermont in 1998. Although Pan passed away in 2006, his legacy lives on in this small-town pizzeria. In 2020, Anne sold the restaurant to her son, Alex, and her daughter Justine’s long-term partner, Sani. Anne and Justine both continue to work at the restaurant regularly. When the pandemic began and many individuals faced financial hardships, Pan’s Pizza implemented a “pay what you can” policy they coined “What Boat are You In?” as their way of caring for the community. 

Carrie Morey image

Carrie Morey

Owner, Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits, Convection Oven

Carrie founded her handmade biscuit business in 2005 with the goal of sharing her mother’s tender, buttery biscuits across the country. Fifteen years later, Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits is widely recognized brand with national retail exposure and a cult-like following. In addition to her business, Carrie acts as consultant to artisan food business entrepreneurs, frequently engages in public speaking and has written a cookbook.

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Ben Groshell

Owner, Marker 32, Deck Oven

Ben and his wife Liza first opened Marker 32 in the 90’s. Twenty-some years later, the couple is building their 7th and 8th restaurant locations. With their young adult children plugged in as chefs and hospitality professionals, this family business only has room to grow.

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