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Ovens for Grocery Stores and Retail

Have you been in a grocery store lately? You’ve certainly noticed that retail grocers aren’t just places to buy ingredients anymore. Now, they’re destinations — places where shoppers can stroll the aisles for cereal and salsa, sure, but now they’re places where guests can have dinner, buy a full range of prepared foods, and even have a beer or a glass of wine. These changes require a new set of equipment solutions.

The Workhorse Oven Company

Blodgett Ovens are made tough and made to last – it’s the best investment you can make in any kitchen. Especially when you are tasked with pumping out large volume and a variety of products – Blodgett has the solution you need that will last a lifetime.


Which oven is right for my grocery operation?

Let a Blodgett expert help identify the right oven solution for your retail and grocery store foodservice program. Simply provide some information to the right to get started.