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    Patient satisfaction ratings have a huge impact on all types of healthcare operations, from hospitals and long term care to assisted living and senior care communities. And of all factors in patient satisfaction ratings, foodservice is often cited as the most important. Having the ability to execute a high-quality, healthy menu with minimal operational impact is a desirable process, and Blodgett ovens can help with that execution.

    The number one goal of any healthcare foodservice operation is the safety and health of the patients.

    Foodservice is a huge part of a person's day. Dining with dignity, patient health, and safety are all aspects of what a successful healthcare foodservice operation should deliver, as these factors will contribute to both the mental and physical well being of patients.

    When it comes to kitchen equipment, units that are easy to clean, provide healthier cooking processes, and can deliver cooked ingredients that maintain their desired qualities and health benefits can be a huge part of the health and safety equation. Blodgett ovens can help with this level of delivery.

    Ratings are critical to the overall success of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

    Kitchen operations and food quality serve very important functions for all types of healthcare facilities, and one of the biggest reasons is patient ratings. The reviews are often most impacted by the quality of food delivered. When ratings are high, operations can experience higher government reimbursement levels. When they're low, it can lead to lower census levels and even closure.

    We can all agree that foodservice is critical to overall ratings, and often, it's the equipment that can help make higher ratings possible. With advanced cooking technologies from Blodgett, foods that are fresher and higher quality will improve the patient experience resulting in higher satisfaction reviews that hospitals and healthcare facilities desire.

    Hospitals and healthcare communities are looking for new ways to delivery profit centers inside their walls.

    A quick review of any healthcare foodservice survey will reveal a simple fact. Hospitals and healthcare operations are looking for more ways to deliver food and beverage to both patients, visitors, and even the community at large. From coffee kiosks to full-service restaurants, getting creative with delivery will open up more profit potential for the overall operation.

    When it comes to utilizing new spaces in a hospital or changing how existing spaces are used, equipment is almost always the central factor in capabilities. Blodgett ovens can help with these capabilities by providing more versatility in a given footprint, or even offering ventless cooking opportunities in spaces where food processing might not otherwise be an option.

    In today's foodservice environment, finding great staff members and getting them up-to-speed quickly can be the biggest challenge.

    This means healthcare foodservice operations will need to dedicate significant resources to cultivating a hiring program that is fast yet delivers high-quality candidates. After those staff members are fully onboarded, though, they need to be trained to make the best use of their time, delivering the highest quality in the shortest periods.

    Foodservice equipment in general and ovens specifically can have a huge impact on how quickly a team member can contribute. With units that are easy in terms of training and operation, hospitals and healthcare foodservice programs can make it easier for new staff to have a positive impact on delivery in a shorter amount of time.


    Hydrovection for Healthcare

    Blodgett's Hydrovection oven gives you all the benefits of a combi at a fraction of the price. Use steam and convection cooking in combination with an easy to use Android™ based touchscreen control that is easy for all staff to use.
    Hydrovection for Healthcare

    Which oven is right for my healthcare operation?

    Let a Blodgett expert help identify the right oven solution for your healthcare foodservice program. Simply provide some information to the right to get started.