Introducing the New Freestanding Ventless Convection Oven from Blodgett

Blodgett ventless convection oven line

There are great reasons for going ventless in your commercial kitchen. Ventless cooking saves money via lower installation, maintenance, and energy costs. Greatly lowered energy use translates into becoming closer to the carbon neutrality that an increasing number of diners are looking for when choosing places to patronize. It also gives you the flexibility to set up food service where you need it, instead of having it dictated by the location of that massive hood! This is especially important in today’s modern commercial kitchens that are frequently crowded with equipment.

With our new freestanding ventless convection oven, you can cook wherever you want. If you want to set up operation in a former gift shop with a low selling price and great foot traffic, go for it! You’ll no longer need to look for an expensive, pre-existing foodservice space. You won’t even need enough space to install an expensive hood system when you choose Blodgett’s freestanding ventless convection ovens. They let you set up a foodservice operation in places where it would have previously been impossible or at least prohibitively expensive.

Introducing our Ventless Convection Ovens

These freestanding ventless units let you cook almost anywhere. They’re ideal for fast-casual restaurants, school or hospital cafeterias, grocery stores, stadiums, convenience stores, and correctional facilities or other institutional kitchens. If you don’t have room in your facility (or money in your budget) for a ventilation hood, a ventless oven is a fantastic solution! 

Installation is easy since these ovens don’t need a water supply or drain and the ventless system is powered by the oven. They let you use spaces for cooking that were previously unused or just ill-used. You might even be able to reconfigure your kitchen to allow space under your existing hood for that new gluten-free fryer!

How our Ventless Convection Systems Work 

The fan pulls cooking vapors out of the oven and sends it upward toward the ventless system above. As the hot air moves upward, the heavier particles drop into the drain pan. The lighter particles move along with the air over the condenser where water drops form and then drop into the drain pan.

The remaining vapors are superheated and that hot air then circulates across the catalytic converter. Those remaining oven gases are ‘converted’ into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. These harmless gases are returned to the oven where the seamless cycle begins all over again. Not only will you save money by not needing a venting hood but your food will be moister and taste better when it’s cooked using this convection process!

The Advantages of Blodgett Freestanding Ventless Convection Ovens

Our ventless convection ovens require zero overhead clearance. That lets you make maximum use of overhead space. Each new ventless system comes with a filter so it’s ready for immediate use. Replacement filters are available and the oven will even remind you when it’s time to order them! 

Blodgett convection ovens include easy to use touchscreen controls to make training easier and allow your staff to improve their efficiency. This means easier menu changes and faster service. 

Blodgett convection ovens are the cream of the crop when it comes to commercial convection ovens. They remain in service longer and need fewer service calls because of the quality workmanship and materials that go into every Blodgett convection oven! 

Visit our Ventless Convection page or Request An Oven Consultation and discover the perfect Blodgett oven for your foodservice operation!

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