Look for These Food and Beverage Trends in 2020

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Trends come and go, but inviting customers to enjoy the services of your restaurant or foodservice operation remains the same. We may want to applaud ourselves for great customer service and meeting customer expectations, but we all have room for improvement.

Sometimes, a little advice and insight into the predicted upcoming trends may be all you need to meet your consumer goals.


As smart equipment rolls out and technology expands on A.I. abilities, you’ll be able to increase your rate of making customers happy via technology. Consumers love the ability to easily and efficiently order. Voice command technology is creating an innovative way for customers to place their requests in a more organized manner. Make sure you’re prepared to receive requests in an entirely new format, and venture into new hospitable territory.

Not only will you see A.I. technology grow, but you’ll recognize access to connect with consumers on a larger scale. Whether that be via an app letting your consumers pay through their mobile phone, or looking up the calories on the dishes they’re planning to order, expect technology to continue helping in many ways.


Life is busy, especially when you run a foodservice operation. Be on the lookout for communicating with those fast-paced, slammed-schedule types of consumers. They’ll be looking for restaurants that offer delivery, and often skip out on the dine-in experience.

You can also consider offering delivery by hiring your own delivery staff and training them, or connect with one of the various food delivering apps. Yup, technology will make a play again by pushing businesses to be willing to make the transition into the delivery world.


That urge for healthier food choices isn’t solely a push for dining in, it’s now becoming a request for fast food chains as well. Consumers are craving more plant-based proteins to be included on the menu, and they want to see their opinion has value. Fast food restaurants will have to embrace and cater to the vegan lifestyle more in 2020. It could determine whether your restaurant is chosen for lunch or not.


Independence is on the up-rise! Being comfortable with eating alone is becoming more common, and even encouraged. Expect diners to drop in for a meal alone more often, and when they do, make sure they’re taken care of. Rather than having your staff place larger groups as a priority, encourage them to focus on those sole customers as well. Treat them with extra care and they may just showcase the great service on social media. This could prompt other consumers to visit your foodservice operation and introduce others to their new favorite place!


“Going green” is storming the foodservice frontlines. It’s clear that there’s a growing focus on climate change, and what we can do to protect the earth. Foodservices will be pushed to use recyclable or renewable materials. Rather than using plastic, you’ll notice straw-less lids becoming more popular. Prepare for portion-controlling dispensers, and even some use of reusable cups. It might not seem like a big deal, but it could make a great impact on those greener customers. Plus, the aware mindset will is often cost-efficient.

During your transition into the amazing expectations of 2020, reach out to us at Blodgett for your convection and hydrovection ovens. We’ll help you choose from a line of products made to suit your operational needs, as well as assist you in preparing for the new year. Get ready to take on the new year!

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