CNVX-14G Gas Convection Oven

CNVX-14G Combi Oven

Designed to perfectly match the BCX-14 and BX-14 combi ovens, the CNVX has the same footprint and styling as its heavy duty Combi sibling. Stack the CNVX with either a BCX or BX combi for double the functionality in the same floor space. The CNVX is the only washable convection oven on the market with a built-in hand shower and stainless steel liner with drain that’s a cinch to clean.


  • Multiple speed reversing fan for even bake
  • Dual stage door latch to vent oven before fully opening door
  • Retractable hose reel with front water shutoff
  • Includes Factory Paid start-up



  • Standard manual programmable control with function selection for hot air, humidity and cool down plus ability to store 100 recipes
  • Optional SmartTouch2 touchscreen control - 7-inch touchscreen stores up to 500 recipes. Includes rack timing, multi-shelf recipes, easy download for recipe writing on your laptop, and HAACP storage capability
  • CNVX features Hydroburst for shot of 100% humidity at any time during the cook cycle
  • Core probe cook and hold capabilities with 4” removeable core temperature filet probe
  • USB connection for recipe upload or download



  • Pressure spray bottle for oven cleaning
  • Hinged pressure panel for cleanability


CAPACITY per section

  • Fourteen 12” x 20” x 2-1/2” deep North American hotel pans at 3-1/4” spacing
  • Seven full size sheet pans at 3-1/4” spacing
CNVX-14G convection oven
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CNVX-14G convection oven