bakeryour best baking oven period!

The XR8 is the perfect merchandising oven. The large viewing windows, rotating rack and halogen lighting make your baked goods impossible to resist.

  • Product rotates continuously for a TRUE NO TURN BAKE.
  • Consistent results from front to back, top to bottom.
  • Extremely versatile: can do bread, pastry, cakes, etc.
  • Applications - baking, dry roasting, wet roasting, fried foods.
  • Unique rack slide system enables the operator to quickly adjust slide spacing in any configuration.
  • Blower delay feature allows the convection fan to be turned off for up to 10 minutes - ideal for baking delicate products.
  • Internal steam system capable of producing large volumes of steam instantly for bagels or similar products - perfect for thick, shiny crusts and artisan style breads.

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electric-iconELECTRIC MODEL

XR8-E - electric rotating rack oven

gas-iconGAS MODEL

XR8-G- gas rotating rack oven