There's no denying that ovens are critical to the overall success of a restaurant. Sure, equipment like refrigeration and warewashing units are important, but you could make a serious case for ovens being the most important piece of equipment in any restaurant, and there are several reasons why.

    Restaurants exist to create profits, so what are some easy ways to turn that goal into reality? Start with the oven.

    Ovens contribute to the cooking process for so many different types of menu items. From baked goods to bacon, dollar bills are figuratively inserted into ovens, transformed, and emerge as the potential for profit.

    Blodgett ovens are known as being some of the most profitable in the industry. Relied on in so many different areas of foodservice, they can provide restaurants with the versatility needed to execute so many different profit-producing menu items. From additional yields on proteins to higher quality pastries, Blodgett can deliver in a wide range of restaurant-specific applications.

    When you're in the weeds, having your food in an efficient oven can make all the difference.

    Without the piece-of-mind that comes with a reliable oven, chefs and restaurant operators are at the mercy of uncertainty. Having an oven that can help elevate basic, simple ingredients into something greater than the sum of their parts is the ultimate goal, and the right oven can help.

    With ovens from Blodgett, the results can be the greenest of vegetables and the most tender meats imaginable. And while so much of this comes from a chef's creativity, having the right equipment can make a huge impact on the overall results, the ones that wind up as reviews online and in the local newspapers.

    From the menu you're looking to develop to the space you have in your kitchen, versatility can be the biggest factor in today's restaurants.

    Why is versatility so important? There are many reasons. From a more diverse customer base to changing building codes, the ability to transform can mean the difference between an operation that lasts 12 months and one that lasts 12 years or more.

    How does that translate to equipment? Think about the oven. Menus may change over the course of time, and having an oven that can execute those changes is a worthwhile investment. Similarly, with changing building codes, the versatility of ventless cooking equipment can make previously unused space usable, and even provide cooking options in the front-of-the-house.

    In today's foodservice environment, finding great staff members and getting them up-to-speed quickly can be the biggest challenge.

    This means restaurants will need to dedicate significant resources to cultivating a hiring program that is fast yet delivers high-quality candidates. After those staff members are fully onboarded, though, they need to be trained to make the best use of their time, delivering the highest quality in the shortest periods.

    Foodservice equipment in general and ovens specifically can have a huge impact on how quickly a team member can contribute. With units that are easy in terms of training and operation, restaurants can make it easier for new staff to have a positive impact on delivery in a shorter amount of time.


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