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    Compared to just about every other type of foodservice operation, K-12 school cafeterias present some of the most difficult challenges in foodservice delivery as a whole. Budgetary constraints, health regulations, space, and time are just a few of the basic tests our school nutrition directors and cafeteria staff members face every single day, all for the benefit of our kids.

    Kids are in school to learn, and one of the biggest contributors to a healthy learning environment is a well-fed student body.

    School nutrition programs not only need to adhere to government standards in terms of foodservice delivery, the teachers in those schools also need to make sure academic requirements are being meant. These two things are not independent of one another.

    When a school cafeteria delivers food that is healthy and safe, it helps students achieve greater success in the classroom. Ingredients are certainly important, but so is the cooking process. Blodgett ovens can help school cafeteria staff members deliver more versatile, healthier cooking processes in the same amount of cafeteria space.

    Out of all the challenges a school cafeteria faces, it's the things the cafeteria doesn't have that can have the greatest impact.

    What are we talking about specifically? Usually, it's money and time. School cafeterias are constantly dealing with budget cuts and a lack of space to deliver, so if there are easy ways to help overcome these challenges -- especially if that can be achieved using the same processes or assets -- it's great for everyone.

    Blodgett ovens can do just that. By delivering a wide variety of cooking processes within the same, small footprint, school nutrition directors can get the most out of their existing spaces. This also helps with the decreasing funding, too, as staff members are likely to experience the ability to do more with less, which is the mantra of every school cafeteria.

    Students are the lifeblood of every school cafeteria, but if they don't buy school lunches or breakfasts, the overall success of the entire district can be at stake.

    The bottom line to a healthier bottom line is that full-paying students need to buy lunches to help with those students and families who cannot pay full lunch prices. This means student participation is quite possibly the most important aspect of any school cafeteria.

    Equipment is essential here. School cafeteria delivery lines need to be attractive, eye-catching options that pull students in, but if the food being served on those lines doesn't taste good or have the right quality, the décor of the line won't matter. With the right type of Blodgett oven configuration, the school cafeteria staff can deliver high-quality food that students love.

    A school cafeteria is only as good as the men and women who run it.

    This means K-12 foodservice operations will need to dedicate significant resources to cultivating a hiring program that is fast yet delivers high-quality candidates. After those staff members are fully onboarded, though, they need to be trained to make the best use of their time, delivering the highest quality in the shortest periods.

    Foodservice equipment in general and ovens specifically can have a huge impact on how quickly a team member can contribute. With units that are easy in terms of training and operation, school cafeterias can make it easier for new staff to have a positive impact on delivery in a shorter amount of time.

    Moving to the Head of the Class in School Foodservice

    Blodgett is proud to offer a 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty exclusive to the K-12 school systems for select Blodgett convection ovens with SSI-D or SSI-M controls.

    The K12 ovens are based on the DFG and Mark V series ovens and designed exclusively for school foodservice applications.

    • SSD - Solid State Digital Control (standard) or
    • SSI-M infinite control with manual timer
    • Five year parts and labor warranty (K-12 schools only)

    Cannot be combined with other offers.


    DFG-100-K12-ES spec sheet
    DFG-100-K12 spec sheet
    DFG-200-K12-ES spec sheet
    DFG-200-K12 spec sheet
    Mark V-100-K12 spec sheet
    Mark V-200-K12 spec sheet

    DFG-100/200-K12-ES English manual
    DFG-100/200-K12-ES French manual
    DFG-100/200-K12 English manual
    DFG-100/200-K12 French manual
    Mark V-100/200-K12 English manual
    Mark V-100/200-K12 French manual


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