Blodgett is very proud to be the EXCLUSIVE North American Distributor of the Sveba-Dahlen High Temperature Electric Deck Oven.

Develop your pizza concept 

Pizza High Temp is an electric pizza oven that bakes pizza at up to 932°F. No firewood, naked flames and flue gases.

The oven is also available in a two-deck combination with a high-temperature oven and standard oven. This allows you to grow your restaurant concept overnight by baking Neapolitan pizza on the upper deck and traditional pizza on the lower deck.

Bake Neapolitan pizza in just 60 to 120 seconds at up to 932°F. The high-temperature deck can also be used to bake other products that require high temperatures, such as lavash bread, flatbread and pita bread. Traditional pizzas that need a longer baking time of about 4-6 minutes can be baked simultaneously on the lower deck. No matter which deck the pizza is baked on, the baking results are even, reliable and consistent – pizza after pizza.

Available in two Models

Model P601HT

Single oven with one high temperature Biscotto Di Sorrento cooking deck (42” x 28”)

Model P602HT

Double oven with one high temperature Biscotto Di Sorrento cooking deck on top and one standard temperature QHT deck on the bottom. Both decks are 42” x 28”.

If desired, the bottom may be replaced with an additional high temperature cooking deck.


Features & Benefits


Heating System

Highly efficient heat distribution in 3 zones: top, bottom and front heating results in uniform baking and produces good overall economy.


Energy Efficiency

High energy efficiency thanks to our intelligent, energy-saving functions and well-insulated oven chamber.


LED Lighting

Two powerful, energy-efficient LED light sources on the left-hand side inside the oven chamber. Designed for baking at high temperatures.


Low Maintenance Costs

Robust, high-quality components with few moving parts make the oven extremely user-friendly, ensuring a long service life.


Biscotto di Sorrento

High-temperature deck with an authentic, handmade pizza stone from Italy. Made for baking at high temperatures.

Carefully Considered Design

The Sveba-Dahlen oven’s design is well thought through down to the smallest detail, whichever combination you choose. From the working height, and lockable castors to the robust, cool, grip-friendly handles, every detail combines to create a stylish, functional and easy-to-clean oven.