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Bottom line, we love our Hydrovection oven. The hydro function works really well for our french bread and pretzel rolls, and it's great to have that versatility without having to invest in a steam oven specifically. It bakes extremely evenly, even our (temperamental but delicious) chocolate chip cookies don't have to be rotated mid bake.

I also use the probe attachment to roast lamb for one of our sandwiches. It's great because I programmed it to bring the internal temp up to a certain number and then the oven holds it there for 3 hours with no effort or attention paid on my part, and it's extremely consistent every time.

I love the program function, because no matter who's baking the product I know the temperature and time will be correct every time.

Before I bought my Blodgett equipment, I thought that a great cook could create wonderful food on a hotplate.

Though I still believe that this is true, I now realize that great equipment helps elevate one's ability to create amazing food.

From the greenest of vegetables to the most tender of roasts, my new Blodgett equipment has made an astounding difference in my cuisine. My cooks are more efficient, and my customers are raving. I will never work with inferior tools again.

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