The Basics of Electric Ovens from Blodgett

Basics of electric ovens title with CNVX and HV-100

Eco-friendly alternatives to facilities and equipment using energy from fossil fuels called for by federal, state, and local governing entities has driven demand for more advanced electric solutions. This movement toward cutting natural gas demands also tries to focus on cost savings for consumers. The impact of this movement toward banning the use of natural gas has a significant impact on restaurants, making electric ovens a necessity.

Eco-Friendly Trends

140 U.S. cities have already committed to the transition to carbon-neutral energy, and the list continues to grow. Berkeley, California was the first city to enact a ban on the use of natural gas in newly constructed buildings as of January 1st, 2020. Transition of existing buildings to carbon-neutral energy and equipment is close behind.

Energy Efficient Electric Ovens

Under-performing oven equipment in kitchens impacts profitability with higher energy costs. Several additional benefits come from replacing these units with more advanced and energy efficient electric ovens, including:

  • Precise Control and Ease of Use
  • Reduced Labor Intensity
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Space Savings and Space Usage (ventless ovens)
  • Non-Traditional Versatility

Electric Ovens and Emissions

Climate change due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions is a driving force behind the international trend toward a ban on the use of gas ovens in food production. The goal of enacted measures, like those employed in Berkeley is to achieve carbon neutrality through controlling and eliminating carbon dioxide gas emissions. Electric ovens do not produce these gases, making them the sought-after alternative.

Blodgett’s Response to Eco-Friendly Kitchen Solutions

Implementing carbon neutrality initiatives places a significant burden on restaurants and food-processing facilities as some areas have already placed bans on gas equipment, and as they seek electric equipment replacements for their carbon-fuel powered units. For more than 150 years, Blodgett has led the way in providing innovative solutions for commercial food production and restaurants. We are already in position to meet the eco-friendly demands of the twenty-first century with a selection of electric ovens capable of meeting the most exacting demands of the industry.

Blodgett Electric Ovens

Ranked #1 in the world for quality and durability, Blodgett ovens sit on the strongest frame available anywhere and outlast the competition. Our ovens include high-level craftsmanship along with design and technological innovations to keep up with twenty-first century demands. You will find a Blodgett oven just about anywhere, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Small Businesses
  • Large Corporations

Our commitment to lead the industry is a part of everything we do at Blodgett, including the production of our top-quality convection, Hydrovection, and deck electric ovens.

Convection Ovens


Our electric convection ovens are easy to use, easier to control and clean, and provide greater longevity. They include an array of signature features like a fully-welded angle iron frame, hybrid Superwool® HT insulation, superior turnbuckle assembly doors, and a double porcelainized interior finish. In addition, Mark V, Zephaire, and CTB models are available with a Hoodini™ ventless hood.

Hydrovection Ovens

Taking the lead in innovation, Blodgett created and patented electric ovens with hydrovection performance. Hydrovection combines the power of steam and convection cooking to produce 30% faster cooking times as well as 20% better yields on existing recipes. This increased efficiency is due to Helix™ technology, which forces air into the oven cavity for more uniform cooking and reducing cook times.

Deck Ovens

Built with the same commitment to excellence as our larger ovens, our countertop electric deck ovens are the ultimate solution to space limitations. Blodgett’s deck ovens come with a cordierite deck (aluminized steel deck optional), stackable optimized production capacity, digital display control with temperature ranges from 150 ̊ – 500 ̊F (66 ̊-260 ̊C), and a heavy tubular steel door handle with chrome plating.

As restaurant owners find themselves in the position of having to replace their gas ovens, Blodgett provides innovative solutions with versatility, world-class quality and dependability, and greater longevity than any other product on the market. Our line of convection, hydrovection, and deck ovens meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers, meeting production-efficiency and cost-efficiency demands.

Learn more about the electric oven options available, as well as other electric equipment designed to make your kitchen energy efficient.
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