Why Should You Choose an Oven from Blodgett?

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In commercial kitchens, no piece of equipment is more vital than the oven. These kitchens need reliable ovens because hundreds, if not thousands, of people rely on them for healthy meals each day. Commercial settings like schools, healthcare, restaurants, convenience stores, corrections, and retail, each have their own unique oven needs. Thanks to keeping innovation at the forefront, our ovens satisfy those needs.

Blodgett has been in business since 1848. From the very beginning, we have been anticipating pain points, and providing solutions. If your organization or business is in the market for a commercial oven, several things set Blodgett apart from other commercial oven manufacturers.

Maximizes Small Footprints

Our stacked, ventless convection ovens make the most use of limited space across all industries. Many schools and correctional facilities are already maxed out for space, with no budget for kitchen remodeling. As populations increase, more kitchen workers must prepare and cook food in the same small spaces.  

Convenience stores are now offering more food products to customers. Some of these stores were built before the increasing demand for “hot and ready” food. These retailers have to make the most of the space they have, often using nontraditional space for cooking. They simply don’t have the room for large ovens. Built in shelving underneath some of our models allows for convenient storage of utensils and serving trays. Everything is in one place, making cooking and serving more efficient. The process of cooking and serving food is streamlined. 

Durability for High Capacity Kitchens 

Commercial ovens must be able to withstand commercial cooking. That means constant use, wear and tear, and maybe even a little mishandling. For many facilities, a large amount of food must be prepared in a short amount of time. 

Our ovens are fully welded, meaning they’ll hold their shape. Durable doors hold up to being open and closed countless times throughout the day. Easy to clean interiors mean kitchen staff can spend more time on food prep and cooking. Many of our models come with casters, allowing them to be pushed into storage areas when not in use. Of course, this also means they’re easily moved so staff can clean under and behind the oven, which is not a typical benefit of cooking equipment.

Consistent and High Quality Meals 

All commercial settings benefit from meals that are consistently high quality. A restaurant’s reputation hinges entirely on the food being served. Even the most talented chef’s creativity can only go so far. A quality oven produces the same results, every time. Happy customers return again and again for their favorite dishes, and are never let down. 

In healthcare facilities, nutrition is of the utmost importance. A patient’s recovery and well being depends on eating three healthy meals each day. A reliable stove will produce appealing meals that patients are motivated to eat.  

A child’s academic performance is dependent on several factors, including healthy meals and snacks. When parents trust the schools to serve their child lunch, they are expecting meals that appeal to children. Efficient ovens that can handle high capacity produce meals even the pickiest eater can’t turn down. 

In correctional facilities, inmates don’t have access to other hot food. Aside from canteen privileges, they rely on their facility to provide them with nutritious meals. Poor nutrition and unappetizing food negatively affects a person’s emotional and physical health. 

Energy Star Designation 

Several of our oven models have the Energy Star designation. Many U.S. states and Canadian provinces offer purchase rebate programs for Energy Star appliances. Organizations with tight budgets may be more apt to approve an appliance purchase because of these rebates. 

Appliances must meet strict energy efficiency requirements in order to earn the Energy Star logo. When your organization purchases an Energy Star oven, you will save money on ongoing utility bills.

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