More than any other segment of foodservice, convenience stores have seen a steady increase, year-after-year, without any dip growth. In large part, this is due to the fact they've evolved over time to accommodate for more types of customers with a wider variety of projects. We don't foresee that to change anytime soon.

    C-stores are all about convenience, and a major component of convenience is speed.

    In and out. That's pretty much how every c-store customer describes his or trip into the store, and that means the products customers buy need to be readily available when those customers are ready to buy. In many cases, high volumes need to be taken into account, as well.

    High-volume efficiency can be achieved in large part with the right foodservice equipment, and ovens can be an essential tool in convenience store operations. Look for efficiency with Blodgett.

    When such a small store tries to attract and serve such a wide range of products to pretty much everyone, space is critical.

    Pretty much everyone needs to stop at a c-store in some capacity because everyone needs gas. In fact, according to studies, c-stores service nearly 160 million customers each and every day. So how do they do it? By maximizing space.

    Blodgett ovens, with their space-saving footprints and versatile designs, can help c-store operators achieve greater foodservice capacity output in smaller spaces that may otherwise be unusable. No hood? No problem. Consider ventless cooking options that provide the same high quality.

    A c-store is only as good as the men and women who run it.

    This means convenience store operations will need to dedicate significant resources to cultivating a hiring program that is fast yet delivers high-quality candidates. After those staff members are fully onboarded, though, they need to be trained to make the best use of their time, delivering the highest quality in the shortest periods.

    Foodservice equipment in general and ovens specifically can have a huge impact on how quickly a team member can contribute. With units that are easy in terms of training and operation, c-stores can make it easier for new staff to have a positive impact on delivery in a shorter amount of time.


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