HVH-100-AB-singleApplause to the Chef!

You’ll love the results and the money you’ll save!

The Hydrovection is the only split door, continuously humidified oven on the market. With it’s compact 38” footprint, the same as your convection oven, the Hydrovection saves space in your kitchen. The Hydrovection allows you to do more, bake, roast, gratinate, poach … in less space. Hydrovection, it's practically a Combi at half the price!

why your next oven should be a hydrovection

  • 30% faster than a standard convection oven
  • Greater yields - as much as 15-25%
  • 80% less water usage vs a full size combi oven
  • Less expensive than a combi
  • Compact footprint
  • Split door design blends into cook line
  • Built to last decades – fully-welded, angle iron frame, superior insulation, triple mounted, simultaneous doors.
  • Choose from hot air cooking for baking and Hydrovection cooking with moisture
  • Four-speed auto-reverse fan motor for the best bake pattern you will find
  • Save on utilities - all models are ENERGY STAR qualified

find a model

Choose from standard Hydrovection or  models featuring our Helix Technology.

The standard Blodgett Hydrovection ovens offer your choice of an easy to use programmable manual control or the powerful SmartTouch 2 touchscreen control. Plus you can stack these models with most of our convection ovens for increased versatility.

gas-iconGAS MODEL

HV-100G – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Gas Hydrovection Oven

electric-iconELECTRIC MODEL

HV-100E – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Hydrovection Oven

Helix Technology improves the Hydrovection’s unique design with a patented process optimizing the efficiencies within the oven cavity. The results are extraordinary in both taste and quality of a wide range of foods – from prime cut steaks to artisan breads and even frozen pizzas. Everything is better when made in a Blodgett Hydrovection with Helix Technology!

gas-iconGAS MODEL

HVH-100G – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Gas Hydrovection Oven with Helix technology

electric-iconELECTRIC MODEL

HVH-100E – ENERGY STAR Qualified, Full Size, Standard Depth Hydrovection Oven with Helix technology



what is helix™ technology?

helix_logoHelix Technology was discovered when trying to solve the engineering riddle of quick evacuation of moisture from inside the oven cavity. A patent was filed in the fall of 2014 with USPTO and the technology was introduced at The NAFEM Show 2015 as a new model in the HydroVection line. The test results of the HydroVection with Helix Technology has our Blodgett Chefs bowled over – better tasting (and looking) products are cooked in less time with better yields.


Components of Helix Technology

  • Rapid and precise forced evacuation of moisture from the cooking chamber
  • Removes "lazy" or latent moisture from the cavity at the rate of 4 cavity air exchanges per minute.
  • Enabled through the vent key either manually or in product program.

ht-muffinsOur tests show noticeable differences in product results when comparing finished products between Helix HV ovens vs. standard Hydrovections.

It's not just looks that are improved. The ability to completely alleviate the latent moisture from the oven cavity has a dramatic effect on how things taste. Comments from product testers include "meats are meatier", and "bread is incredibly moist with a fantastic crust".

ht-breadSo what else happens when "lazy moisture is removed from the oven cavity? The moisture latent air doesn't "hog" any of the oven energy and all the energy (heat) goes into the food. So things like bacon and pork chops are cooked in almost 50% less time. Our testing also found that some items, especially foods going from frozen to finish, had improved yields. Repeated testing of a full load of frozen French fries resulted in yields improved more than 40%.

Hydrovection with Helix Technology may just be the best performing oven made in the USA!


hv-logoAll the control you need

Interested in the standard Hydrovection oven? Then choose from two great controls! Either option is sure to take your cooking to the next level.

Note: Hydrovection with Helix Technology ovens are only available with the SmartTouch 2 control.

This highly versatile control may be called manual, but it offers so much more!

Included with all standard Hydrovection ovens. May be upgraded to SmartTouch 2 control. Not available for HVH Helix models.

  • Stores 100 menu recipes
  • Function selection for hot air, humidity and cool down
  • Hydroburst feature for a shot of 100% humidity at any time during the cook cycle
  • Core probe cook and hold capabilities with 6" removable core temperature probe
  • USB connection for recipe upload or download




Designed to take your cooking even further.

Included on all HVH ovens with Helix Technology. Optional for standard HV ovens.

  • Bright, colorful, user friendly pictogram menu access.
  • Unlimited multi-step cooking functionality
  • USB interface for menu program storage and menu transferring to other units
  • HACCP data storage
  • Customize design menus per your standards
  • Hydroburst feature for injection of 100% humidity at any time during the cook cycle
  • Core probe cook and hold capabilities with 6" removable core temperature probe
  • Consistent cooking and quality every time at the push of a button